Who We Are

Welcome to CleanAirPlus! We are Steve and Jason, brothers and founders of Clean Air Plus. This website is the result of journey of fighting allergies caused by poor air quality.

Until few years ago, we didn’t have any allergy problems. All started, when we moved with our families into an old duplex. We found out that all our allergies are caused by dust, bacteria, mold and pet dander.

After consulting with various people and doing extended research, we found that the air quality in our homes is not good. We tried out different remedies and found that air purifiers are the best way to clean the air in our home.

Steve and Jason

Our Mission

With our guides and reviews we want to help people combat allergies that are caused by indoor air pollution. Our product recommendations will help you achieve the best air quality in your home and breathe fresh air again.


We do extended online research before buying or reviewing any product.


In many cases, we have the chance to test the products we review.


We only recommend products that we love, use or would like to purchase.