5 Best Air Purifier Humidifier Combo

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Air purifiers and humidifiers can be an exceptional addition to your household. Purifiers can make your air much cleaner and get rid of all harmful residue and particles from the air, while humidifiers make sure that the humidity of the air in your house is at the right levels.

But what if you could get both of those two together in a combination? That wouldn’t be too bad, would it? It would make sure that the air in your house would be as clean as possible, and the humidity levels would be at optimal levels at all times. The good news is, that such devices exist. They are called air purifiers-humidifiers.

These devices combine both the purifying and humidifying capability. Needless to say, these devices can massively improve the air in your household. Not only would the air be free of all the harmful particles, but it would also be humid enough for your needs.

Perhaps your air is too dry, and you need a humidifier to make it more humid. The purifiers can also make the air quite dry. The air purifier-humidifier combo is the perfect way to combat both of those issues.

Best Air Purifiers Humidifiers for Home & Office

In this article, we will take a look at 5 of the best air purifier-humidifier combo devices.

1. Sharp KC850U PlasmaCluster Air Purifier Humidifier

Sharp has provided their plasma cluster ion technology that has served them so well over the years, into this air purifier humidifier. Since 2001, this technology has been in development, and today, it has evolved to become among the leading technologies for filtering air.

It makes sure that almost all the particles get removed from the air, and it replicates nature’s cleaning process by producing positive and negative ions from water vapor and air.

In its essence, it is a HEPA filter, although not the regular one. It is a TRUE HEPA filter, which is even more durable than the usual HEPA filters on the market. These can last anywhere from 2-5 years, and this one can go for even longer.

As for the filtration system alone, it offers triple filtration. The pre-filter clears the larger particles from the air, and the activated carbon gets rid of the odors. Lastly, we have the TRUE HEPA filter, which gets rid of 99% of all particles in the air, including the smallest ones.

The way this device works is that it operates automatically, based on the air measurements it makes. So the purifiers and the humidifier is turned on automatically, based on the air. The device has a refillable water tank, from where it draws the water to humidify the air.

Here are the pros and cons of this device.


  • Relatively small and lightweight, so it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Effective all-in-one system for purifying and humidifying your air.
  • The HEPA filter lasts for a long time, and the activated carbon filter is also quite durable.
  • Washable pre-filter


  • It can be quite loud in certain cases.
  • Some sellers don’t offer a warranty.


2. COLZER Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter

This is certainly one of the best options for living rooms, or for larger rooms within your household. Like many other purifiers, this one also utilizes a three-stage filtration – the pre-filtration, the HEPA filter, and the activated carbon filter. You have a choice to buy a purifier with or without the humidifier; in this article, we will be taking a look at the purifier-humidifier combo.

Firstly, this purifier is perfect for larger rooms, such as the living room. It can cover up to 900 sq. feet, so you can make sure that you will get the most out of it in your larger rooms. The device works on an automatic basis, as it will automatically detect the changes that are needed in the air in your house. If it needs purifying, it turns on automatically. If the air is too dry, the humidifier will start working.

One of the advantages of this device is that it is relatively quiet, especially if you turn on the sleep mode. In this mode, it will operate at 29DB at most, and it doesn’t get much noisier in regular mode, too. Of course, you can manually choose the performance levels of the device; there are 5 gears to choose from, and each one provides different strength and noise levels.

Overall, this device is very easy to operate, and provides a high level of quality to the table. For the price, it is definitely a good acquisition.


  • It provides excellent value for money.
  • Powerful three-stage filtration with manually adjustable gears.
  • Operates quietly – up to 29DB in sleep mode.
  • Automatic operation with detection.


  • The filters need to be changed relatively often, which can be an investment in the long-term.


3. BONECO Air Washer W200 Humidifier & Purifier

Another device that offers a good purifying and humidifying experience. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the BONECO Air Washer, as it will provide you with a complete cleaning experience for your air. Not only will it purify it, but it will also provide humidification, so that the water levels will be at an optimum.

The device does tend to operate on a manual basis, but there are many ways that you can customize the experience. Namely, it features two modes of operation: the Day mode, and the Night mode.

During the Day mode, the device will be geared more towards performance and the strength of the purifying system, while the Night mode will enable you and your family to sleep nicely, as it will operate quietly, but still at pretty good levels.

More importantly, the BONECO Air Washer W200 is a pretty compact device, as it will provide a pretty powerful air cleaning performance in relatively small packaging. You will be able to fit the device just about anywhere, but the performance stays.

The humidifier will add essential oils and fragrances, which will add a good scent to the air in your living room or the area where you will be using the device.

In addition, most of the parts of the device can be easily removed from the device and washed without consequences. This allows you to easily switch between two modes of operation while washing the parts.


  • Most of the parts are washable.
  • It has a Day and Night mode, allowing you to switch between the two freely.
  • A compact device that will fit just about anywhere.
  • Good value for money.


  • It can get loud in the Day mode.
  • The capacities are quite small.


4. VENTA LW15 Airwasher

If you are looking for a 2-in-1 solution with a high-quality operation, and a relatively low price, then you should look no further than the VENTA LW15 Airwasher. This device will humidify as well as purify your air, while also not taking too much space in your household. It can cover spaces of up to 200 square feet, which ideal for bedrooms or living rooms.

The way this device operates is that it brings a very good performance without utilizing filters. That, of course, reduces the long-term costs, and you can wash most of the parts of the device. It will effectively purify your air of any bacteria and other harmful residues, while also making sure that the air is not dry.

The humidifier has a 1.4-gallon capacity. It works in such a way that it provides optimal levels of humidity, without over-humidifying the area. Venta is already known for the high-quality technology it brings, and this device is just another one in the same style.


  • The long-term costs are reduced as the device doesn’t use filters.
  • Compact design with good performance.
  • It can humidify up to 200 square feet of space.


  • The noise levels can be quite high.
  • Relatively small capacity.


5. BRONDELL Air Purifier

Last but not least, we have the Brondell Air Purifier. This is one of the more complete packages on this list; it will take care of air filtering and humidifying, and the quality is outstanding.

Make your living room or any room in your house, for that matter, a more pleasant place to live with this machine. Not only will it cleanse the air, but it will also humidify the air, an important step since it could be dry after the purifying process.

Compared to other filters on this list, this one features a dual True HEPA filter system, which means that the Brondell air purifier is capable of working at twice the speeds. It will take in more air, and it will get filtered faster, meaning that this purifier is a more efficient option than some other filters.

In addition, there is also the activated carbon filter, which will make sure that the air is free of foul odors. You can also customize it with additional specialized filters, but these do come at an additional cost.

The purifier will last you for a long time, and the only thing you will need to consider is changing the filters. These can last for months or even years, depending on the volumes.

What is more, you will get excellent customer support should you need it. The customer support center is located in California, and is ready for your questions at any time.


  • Dual True HEPA filtering system, which can process higher volumes of air.
  • Good customer support.
  • Wide area of effect.
  • It can fit almost any room.


  • It can be loud.


Is an Air Purifier Humidifier Good?

Now you might be wondering, why would I get an air purifier and humidifier, if I think that a purifier is enough for my needs?

The answer is that you also have the benefit of humidification, an added bonus. The air can get relatively dry after it is processed by the purifier, and that is where the humidifier comes in. It will also be more pleasant to be in a room with perfect humidity, something that is regularly measured by the device.

So it all depends on your needs; if your room is already humid enough, then an air purifier might be enough. But note that you are not compromising much, if at all, with air purifiers humidifiers compared to regular purifiers.

What is the Difference Between Air Purifier and Humidifier?

The chief difference between the two is the way they operate, and what they do. Purifiers often have several types of filters to process the air coming into the purifier, while humidifiers make your air more humid thanks to the technology that draws humidity from the water in the tank of the device.

Both have their benefits, but sometimes, it can be important to have them both in one device.

Why Should You Use an Air Purifier Humidifier Combo?

This combination is particularly useful if you want your air to be filtered as well as humidified after. If you find that your air in your household is too dry, then this combination is perfect. You get the best of both worlds, and you don’t compromise too much on the performance of both.

Some of these devices are very sophisticated, so they will mainly operate automatically based on the measurements they make. If you want to operate it manually, you can still do that, of course.

Is it OK to Leave Air Purifier Humidifier on all Night?

Sure, you can leave it on at night, but make sure about the settings first. Many people leave the device to work its magic at night, and humidifiers can come especially useful during winter. In fact, many of these devices have the night mode, which will make the device significantly quieter, and it will still operate at good enough levels to purify the air effectively.

Also note that the filters will wear out faster with more use and stress you put on them, so if you leave them on at night and then throughout the day, you can expect them to last for shorter periods of time.


Air purifiers humidifiers can be a very helpful addition to anyone’s household. They should especially be considered by those suffering from asthma and allergies, or by people who have dry air in their homes. There are many useful options to choose from, and hopefully, you were able to pick the one for you from this list.

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