5 Best Face Masks for Air Pollution

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If you are concerned about the growing air pollution and the way it can damage our health, then you might be looking to invest in a good face mask. It can also be beneficial for people who are moving to a city or a country where pollution levels are high, or for people who tend to travel a lot and find the face masks and essential piece of their travel attire.

Now you could opt for disposable masks, but those are much less effective than the masks we will show you here, and also very inefficient. Plus, they are disposable, so every time you will have to use one again, you will need to buy a new one.

So why not invest in a very good face mask in the first place? It turns out that there are many affordable models that also work very well, so they don’t present too big of an investment.

Many people are taking things in their own hands and have decided that they have had enough of the pollution and the way it damages our health. Air pollution is also known as the invisible killer, and we cannot really hide from it. Or can we?

Best Air Pollution Face Masks

Here are five of the best face masks that you can buy to protect you against air pollution.

1. BASE CAMP Dust Pollution Mask Activated Carbon

The BASE CAMP activated carbon helps you eliminate 99% percent of all harmful fumes and dust that can harm your health. It has an adjustable ear strap that will make sure that it will fit just about any type of face and is available for all sizes.

BASE CAMP has made sure that this pollution mask has a very effective protection system that works with activated carbon, so that almost all of the harmful dust will be kept out by the mask. Besides, it is very durable and is made from high-quality materials, so you can be sure that it will last you for quite long.

It makes sure that the airflow within the mask and from it is flawless, and it has several holes to let the air escape, and for the user to breathe easily. The mask is completely washable and reusable, and you can easily replace the inner N99 filter, as you will get several replacement filters included in the package.

It is not just suitable against air pollution, but it can work as a mask for any type of task. You can do woodworking with it, you can go running, painting, do construction work, and all other types of tasks.


2. M2 Mesh Air Filtration Mask

This mask is made from soft neoprene, so it is quite flexible and washable, so it means that you can use it again in the future. It has a replaceable Active Carbon filter, which you can replace after the one in use has worn out or becomes ineffective.

You can choose between three sizes: medium, large, and X-Large. Again, this mask does the business: it will protect you from 99.9% of all particles and harmful dust in the air. You can buy it in different colors, most common of them are black, red, and orange. The only slight worry is that you will have to purchase the filters separately.

For those who are looking to protect themselves from harmful air pollution, or are simply suffering from breathing problems and allergies, this is the mask to go with. Besides, it doesn’t look alien and has actually quite an interesting design.

It can even be used for different purposes, such as working with your wood, or for construction workers. It can even be useful for airsoft games and for hunting. Overall, a very useful face mask that is certainly worth the money.


3. FIGHTECH Dust Mask

In this package, you will get not one, but two dust masks, along with 8 carbon filters that are included in the package. The masks are made from neoprene, so you will be able to reuse the masks as you can simply wash them and put them back on.

All you will need to do is to replace the filter. It will protect you from dust, pollen, mold, fumes, irritants, and other particles. Almost any harmful particles will stay out, and you will breathe only clean air, free of pollutants.

The design of the masks makes sure that it will fit just about any type of face. It has an adjustable rear strap, and the mask will not fall off easily. It also has valves built-in the design of the mask, which will make sure that it will not get hot when you are using the mask. You will also get an additional mask, that you will be able to use for different projects.

The best thing is its usability. It is suitable for practically any purpose where there is a risk of inhaling harmful particles; you can use it for home projects, cleaning, woodworking, lawn mowing, if you have allergies, and of course, for air pollution.


4. Scaler Anti-Pollution Mask

This is an N99 mask, so it means that it will protect from 99% of the pollutants in the air, including various fumes, dust, particles, pollen, mold, and other harmful pieces. So, it makes this mask suitable for many tasks, and it can protect you from air pollution. In addition, it makes sure you can safely do tasks like woodworking, running, cycling, mowing, and more.

The design is made in such a way that you will feel very comfortable when using the mask. It is made from elastic nylon, so it is relatively flexible, but it will suit your face very nicely. It features a hanging ear design with a strap that you will easily hang behind your ear.

It also has activated carbon filters that you can easily replace once they have done their job. Although you might want to buy these separately, and at some point, you will have to, as there are only two activated carbon filters included. Overall, it will make your life much easier and it will protect you from possible pollution. Also, it will not fog up your glasses, as it has a design that is geared exactly against that.


5. Novemkada Dustproof Mask

Lastly, we have another very effective face mask that will block 98% of all the air pollutants to make sure that you only breathe the air that is good to breathe. It will protect you from dust, chemicals, gas, pollen, smoke, and other harmful particles.

If you have an allergy, then this mask is certainly a good choice for you. But the mask will help you with other every-day tasks, such as cycling, running, hiking, woodworking, and even skiing and any other outdoor activity.

It is made from premium nylon, which makes sure that the mask will easily fit your face. It is made from a soft texture and a very breathable material, and the material will also dry quite quickly. It has an adjustable nose clip, and ventilation holes so that the air circulation will enable you to breathe very easily.

Once the mask gets dirty, you can easily wash it and replace the activated carbon filter. It is intuitive and easy to use, and very effective. What more do you need?


How to Choose a Face Mask for Air Pollution?

When you are choosing your face mask, there are several factors that you should consider. Here, you might have to compromise the looks for effectiveness, although you will find many nice-looking masks that will work very effectively. So, what are some of the main questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a mask?

  • Is it comfortable? One of the most important factors that you need to know whether the mask is comfortable. That will allow you to use it for longer, and it will prevent the need to buy another mask that is more comfortable.
  • Is it effective? This is a crucial factor when choosing the mask for your needs. The effectiveness is directly dictated by the activated carbon filter quality, and the material from which the mask is made. Generally, the most effective masks are those marked with the N95 or N99 mark.
  • Can you wash it and re-use it? Sure, all of the masks on this list are reusable and washable, but you should steer clear from non-reusable masks, as these also tend to be of lesser quality.
  • Does it look good? The last factor that you can consider is the looks of the mask. Of course, this is just purely visual, and you should focus on other features of the mask, such as effectiveness and comfortability. Although it is nice to have a mask that also looks nice.

Ideally, a good mask should fit all the bills that we discussed above. But you should primarily look for masks that are more comfortable and effective, and can be used for many subsequent times, instead of choosing masks that just look good.

Are Face Masks Good for Urban Cycling?

Face masks are ideal for urban cycling; they are, in fact, made specifically with such tasks in mind. But don’t worry, it won’t get hot under the mask, and there won’t be any condensation collecting either, as most of these masks have a very good design that makes them more breathable and easier to use.

If you are looking to buy a mask for urban cycling, go for it. All of the masks we discussed here are suitable for it, as well as for other tasks in urban areas. These include running, and also other outdoor sports, such as hiking and walking.

When Should You Use a Face Mask?

Of course, you should use a face mask if you have a disease that is easily spreadable. But many people choose to wear the mask as a preventive measure. You can wear it if you want to avoid pollution, or if you are allergic to pollen, then a face mask will do its job properly.

You can also use it for various outdoor activities, such as cycling, running, hiking, and walking. For other tasks that you can do at home, face masks can come useful, especially for woodworking, or for tasks where there is a lot of dust. These include vacuuming, cleaning, and other similar activities.

Can a Face Mask Protect from Viruses?

This is a relevant question, especially for the recent months, when there have been numerous outbreaks of the new coronavirus. A good mask with an N95 or N99 filter will protect you from most viruses, but not the surgical masks or the one-time masks that you can see often. But they won’t necessarily completely protect you from all viruses, as they can enter through various gateways.

But a high-quality mask with a proper filter is more likely to protect you from viruses than the surgical masks.

How Long Can You Use a Face Mask?

The problem with wearing the masks for prolonged periods of time is that they can become ineffective with time, especially the filters inside. And it also depends on what you are using the mask for. For mundane tasks, such as for protection from air pollution, these masks can be worn for longer than you would, for example, use it for woodworking.

On average, these masks can last you for approximately 8 hours for heavy-duty tasks, and for regular use, it can last you days before you need to change a filter. But it again, depends on the quality of the mask, the quality of the filter, and the longevity of the mask.

The face mask itself, with replaceable filters, can last you for quite a long time. You can have one mask for months, as you only need to replace the filters.


Face masks can protect you from air pollution very effectively. In fact, they can protect you from about 95-99% of all harmful particles in the air, and they are especially useful for certain tasks.

But for protection, face masks can be very useful. The masks we have presented in this article are all of very good quality, and you can expect them to serve you very well for a long time.

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