How to Remove Smoke Smell from Your Home?

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If you are a smoker, or if one of your relatives is a smoker, you might not even notice the smoke smell in your house. But non-smokers will relate to this: when we enter a smoker’s house, we immediately notice the smoke smell.

Or, if you have recently moved into your flat, and the previous owner was a smoker, then the smoke smell will be a nuisance you will want to get rid of.

In any case, we will talk about removing the smoke smell from your home in this article. In some cases, it might be hard or even next to impossible to completely erase the smoke smell. Sure, we can combat the smoke with air purifiers, but what about the smell?

Once it gets deep into your furniture, the carpets, your clothes, couches, sofas, and just about everywhere else – you know you have a gargantuan problem in your hands.

The question now is how to remove that smell from your home? It turns out that you might have to turn to several methods rather than one. But which methods are we talking about? Stay tuned to learn more.

Use an Air Purifier for Smoke Removal

For regular, constant smoke removal, air purifiers are awesome. They will get rid of the smoke and prevent the smoke smell from creeping in in the first place. Many purifiers come with a True HEPA filter or a regular HEPA filter, which will get rid of at least 95% of the particles from the air, including smoke.

Also, there is often an activated carbon filter for odor removal, and these filters tend to be very effective. Unless you are using a HEPA filter-only purifier, many of these will have a three-stage filtration for cleaning the air.

But why is it important to remove smoke from the air? Well, the first and most important thing is that you will prevent the smoke smell from creeping into your fabrics and throughout your house, which will prevent the need to clean the smoke smell later on.

Using an air purifier also has health benefits; the smoke can be harmful to one’s health and might cause all sorts of breathing difficulties. Also, it can cause respiratory diseases and, in the worst-case scenario, cancer.

Wash all Fabrics

It is important to wash all the fabrics in your home, which includes your clothes, drapes, carpets, towels, bed sheets, etc. Fabrics are one of the most common places for the smoke to collect, and the smoke smell will persist unless we thoroughly clean these items.

These fabrics will get saturated with smoke very quickly, and the smoke smell will be incredibly hard to get out of certain pieces of fabric. Sure, washing the clothes might be a simple solution, but cleaning some other types of fabric might not be as simple.

It is important to give them a good rinse, though. If you can’t do it any other way, you can even do it by hand, and then let them dry out for good.

Use Ozone Generator

Ozone generators have a mixed reputation among the population; some are reluctant to use ozone generators for air cleaning, while others prefer it to some other ways. The truth is that ozone is only harmful in higher concentrations, and if it is used sparingly, it will be a very effective air cleaning method.

Some ozone generators also come with an ionizer, which will additionally help you to combat the smoke and the smoke smell. But ozone can be very effective even for removing the smoke smell, if it is used in lower concentrations, of course.

We know that some people are against ozone generators, but here, they might be one of the more effective solutions. You can certainly give it a try, and if you find it useful for removing the smoke smell, then that is great. Many people use ozone generators for indoor air pollution management and have seen good results.

Use a Dragon Tree Plant

The dragon tree plant is known as the natural air purifier. The dragon tree comes from the jungle, where it has had to adapt to adverse conditions and low-light conditions, so it is used to using even the most polluted air.

You can bring some of the nature magic to your home with a dragon tree, and you will notice the change after some time of owning it. It is also known for cleaning xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde; all of them are harmful chemicals that can come from lacquers like hairspray and furniture polish.

But equally, a dragon tree plant is quite effective for minimizing the effects of smoke. Besides, it is easy to care for, and it will grow over time. And once it grows, it becomes even more effective for purifying the air.

Hire a Professional

In some cases, your own actions and what you can do on your own might not be enough to clear the smoke smell. Luckily, there are plenty of professional services that will get rid of the smoke smell for you, and some even for a relatively reasonable price.

These professionals will use professional tools for completely getting rid of the smoke smell. You can only do so much with the methods we provided above. In some cases, these professionals will have access to tools that just cost too much to acquire on our own. It is also not worth to get these tools just for cleaning the air once.

Hiring a professional might be your only choice if the smoke smell is ever-present in your home. In some cases, it might have spread too much for you to clean it on your own.


Getting rid of the smoke smell can prove to be a tough task. We can minimize the amount of smoke with various air purifiers, ionizers, ozone generators, and dragon tree plants, but it can be very hard to remove the smoke smell.

It creeps into the furniture, the fabrics, which is why it is important to clean these fabrics as thoroughly as possible. If you struggle to clear the smoke smell, consult a professional.

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